Galvin and Laura

Galvin Mason is a beauty editorial and commercial makeup artist. The son of two beauticians, Galvin became immersed in the beauty industry at an early age. As a child and adolescent, he worked for several modeling agencies. Growing up in these modeling agencies led him to discover his passion for fashion and cosmetology.

Galvin's parents encouraged him to further develop his artistic talents by enrolling him Academy of Art in San Francisco, California where he studied Fashion.

Having constantly been surrounded by beauty products, becoming a makeup artist was a natural transition for Galvin. As a commercial artist, he has perfected his ability to quickly create beautiful faces for a wide range of clients. As a beauty editorial artist, he has collaborated with a variety of models and photographers to create a diverse repertoire of original looks. He is now going on his Seventh year as a professional makeup artist and looks forward to collaborating with new clients and other professionals in the industry.

Laura Vega is a professional makeup artist who specializes in editorial, commercial, and beauty looks. Laura was born into a family driven by creativity and fashion. Her single mother of six children, constantly worked hard to provide her family with the skills needed to achieve what they wanted to become in life. Through persistence and determination, she enrolled Laura into modeling at a young age. Through hardships, Laura didn't get the opportunity to blossom into modeling as her family had hoped. She quickly turned to makeup as an alternative and developed herself. Soon after, she began working in the beauty industry and found great passion in her craft. Working with a very diverse clientele has aided Laura in perfecting her skills, and achieving numerous amounts of applications at any given time. Laura has worked in the industry for seven years, and has collaborated with fellow professionals to create beauty, editorial, and commercial stories.

Laura teamed up with Galvin in 2013 for Publications/ Commercials / and Fashion week. They have known each other for more than 3 years and they continue to make magic together.